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Christine M. Soltis didn't always know she was going to be a writer.  In fact, in her youth, her heart was set on acting.  But nearly 9 years ago, Christine found her true passion in writing and continues strong to this day.  Among her creations, Christine has released nearly a dozen books ranging from fiction to short stories and poetry.  She has also written endless articles focusing on green living, travel, famous authors, poetry and more.  In the past year, she has begun to work on co-created projects with others, including several screenplays.  Christine found a new passion in helping assist and/or bring others' stories to life. 


SolsticeNightSky Productions was formed solely by Christine M. Soltis as an avenue for works that are not limited to her own productions.  SolsticeNightSky is the entire company name, which houses two different divisions.  SolsticeNight will categorize 'dark' productions, such as those in the realm of horror.  SolsticeSky will categorize light reading and PG-13 productions.